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schehrezade_1 [userpic]
Contact Details etc
by schehrezade_1 (schehrezade_1)
at August 31st, 2006 (03:07 pm)
current mood: busy

hesadevil asked me to compile a list of contact details for all of us and post it here on the LJ - could everyone have a look and make sure I have the right ones.

Several addys have been pulled from LJ user pages so if you have another which you check more regularly then can you pop up a comment and leave the right email? Or alternatively email minimeets2006@googlemail.com and I can add you to the list.


hesadevil@gmail.com – hesadevil

gill@othen.fslife.co.uk. - Gill.

lilachigh@btinternet.com - Linda.

ImmortalBeloved2000@yahoo.co.uk – Hils

justsue2005@yahoo.co.uk - Sue Whyman

bogwitch@yahoo.co.uk - Lisa Evans

lj.mirasol@yahoo.co.uk - Claire Sizer

Schehrezade1@gmail.com - Schehrezade

woman_of_@livejournal.com -

familycox@ntlworld.com - Kazzy_Cee

Taken from user pages:

cas.sandra@virgin.net – Calove

xanpet2000@aol.com - xanpet2000

I was also wondering if everyone could check the list below and see if it is upto date - I know that there are several other additions so if you could also add a comment re room booked whether or not you are sharing and if so with whom? So we can have a more current list that would be brilliant!

13th-15th October Novotel Nottingham

bogwitch - in a single - car.

mirasol - sharing with woman_of_ - Bogwitch will be collecting from station.

hesadevil - sharing with calove - car. calove is unable to come.

hils - sharing with just_sue - Sue bringing car and collecting Hils

schehrezade_1 - in a single - car.

xanpet2000 - arriving Friday - Double room booked is happy share if someone needs a place to rest weary head *g*

gillo in a single - car. Arriving late Friday.

kazzy_cee Room TBC - arriving 8pmish Friday.

lilachigh - room booked - arriving 7pmish Friday.

I think that the very artistic kazzy_cee will be coming - I'm waiting to hear back from her and have also suggested she join this comm. Kazzy's coming!

gillo [userpic]
Room booked
by gillo (gillo)
at August 29th, 2006 (12:19 pm)

I have now booked the room from 9am to 5pm on Saturday 14th October. I have had to pay up front and sign a couple of forms taking responsibility, so if you guys trash the joint I'm telling! 

The cancellation charges are not kind - if I want any money back at all we'd have to do so within the next two weeks, effectively. Please tell me we aren't going to do so!

Th small print includes restrictions about bringing our own food onto the hotel premises, but I have amended the contract to state that I take no responsibility for the actions of the guests outside the booking time! We will have to be exceptionally discreet though, folks. If anyone wants to see the full terms and conditions, let me know and I'll email you a copy.

I'll collect the charge from you on the day, OK? It'll be about six quid a head assuming nine of us show up.

Tell me now if this is not OK!

gillo [userpic]
October minimeet conference room
by gillo (gillo)
at August 23rd, 2006 (03:41 pm)

Following instructions from Teh Guru (aka hesadevil) I have contacted the hotel and arranged for us to have a meetings room for the Saturday. We get it from 9.00 to 5.00 and it comes with flip chart, OHP, notepads and all the fun of the fair - that is, whatever hotels normally provide for business meetings. 

The cost will be £50 between us - I hope that won't be too much of a problem for anyone. I'm not sure if they want payment in advance - I'm still waiting for the confirmation email - but I can sort that if need be.

Tea and coffee would have been an extra £2.50 per person per morning or afternoon - that seemed a silly price to me - surely we can smuggle in a thermos or something?

I hope this is OK with everyone.

ETA: following the discussion below and consultation with Teh Guru (TM), it is suggested that we all bring our own thermos. Milk etc could also be organised in advance....

hesadevil [userpic]
Information from The DiscWorld Convention
by hesadevil (hesadevil)
at August 18th, 2006 (03:06 pm)

The organisers of RedemptionCon 2007 are here and have offered to let us 'piggy back' their 2007 convention. This would allow us to have a small gathering with a room/s set aside for our use with no additional cost or risk to us. It might be an idea to consider this as an initial WriterCon UK so that we can offer one next year, while continuing to plan our own for 2008.

The organiser, Judith, says she welcomes all fandoms "if you've never even seen B7, but you're rabid about, say, the Buffy-verse, you'll still find like-minded people at Redemption." and that there is a 'writers' element already planned, though we could organise our own guests to run our panels and workshops.

I can get all the details of what this would entail later this weekend and will bring stuff along in October. In the meantime, go have a look at the cost to attendees - £50 membership for the weekend and fairly good room rates at the hotel.

Comments to me about the idea before the end of Sunday please.

bogwitch, I swear I didn't plan this in advance - Redemption Con just happens to be taking place at this hotel.

Two new people attending the minimeet in October. Welcome gillo and lilachigh

hesadevil [userpic]
For information
by hesadevil (hesadevil)
at August 10th, 2006 (09:26 am)

schehrezade_1 has agreed to act as temporary Secretary to WriterConUK and we have an email address for the community and also for minimeets - both are now up on the user info pages.

I've gathered a few useful sites. Please bookmark and print off anything you think might be useful to bring along to the October meet.

National Association of Writers' Groups

National Federation of Worker Writers and Community Publishers"

BBC Get Writing

Writers' Room Opportunities for new writers to get a foot in the BBC's door.

hesadevil [userpic]
Minimeet Programme - 13th-15th October
by hesadevil (hesadevil)
at August 4th, 2006 (03:05 pm)


Novotel, Nottingham/Derby
Scroll down to the Two night minimum stay to book your room for 2 (including breakfast)for £59. I would encourage you to arrange with your roomie who will make the booking and do it as soon as possible. Cancellation, without penalty up to 6pm on 12th. No money is taken at the time of booking.


Minimeet ScheduleCollapse )

woman_of_ [userpic]
Contact details
by woman_of_ (woman_of_)
at August 2nd, 2006 (12:10 am)

current mood: chipper

Anyone who is interested in chatting about the writercon UK event, please feel free to contact me at yahoo IM donnaredmasters. Please tell me who you are at lj, and that you have seen my post at writercon uk. I have agreed to be CEO of the event until someone better comes along. I have a link where you can text me if you would rather.

Anything you want to discuss, just to chat, I am a good ear, please feel free.

hesadevil [userpic]
by hesadevil (hesadevil)
at July 30th, 2006 (09:18 pm)

Personal Info. Some of you already know this. I am not able to lead the WriterCon in Europe Committee, and indeed never intended to as I am out of the country, without internet access for around 5 months each year. I set up writerconuk to facilitate the project. My August is already pretty full - with The Daughter's house move, DiscWorld 2006 and a week's Tai Chi retreat. Then we're off to France to move the boat from hot hot Burgundy to the cooler climate of Picardy. We'll be gone from the end of August to around the 10th October.

Although it may appear that some decisions have been made with scant regard to the polls, I have also taken everyone's comments into account. Now it's over to you all to make the weekend a success and get WriterCon in Europe underway.

The next stage is to make the hotel booking and agree some sort of programme of events for the weekend. The dates of 13th-15th are agreed. There are just the seven of us, which works out nicely for room sharing. mirasol has found a good weekend deal of £59 per room, per night, breakfast included. She's agreed to do the booking for us and should be posting an entry about it. There will be no charge for the rooms until we arrive. The booking is cancellable up to 6pm the day prior to our arrival. Please comment here if there's a problem with any of that for you.

For the business part of the weekend, woman_of_ has agreed to run a SWOT analysis. I suggest that this takes place on Saturday afternoon.

Please comment with any other ideas you might have for the programme of events. Also, please read and respond to suggestions made.

hesadevil [userpic]
by hesadevil (hesadevil)
at July 28th, 2006 (09:15 pm)

The final tally for the Mini Meet seems to be

ETA Update
bogwitch - in a single - car.
calove - sharing with hesadevil - car.
mirasol - sharing with woman_of_ - requires lift.
hesadevil - sharing with calove - car.
hils - sharing with just_sue - requires lift.
just_sue - sharing with hils - ca
schehrezade_1 - in a single - car.
woman_of_ - sharing with mirasol requires lift.
xanpet2000 - unknown.

Comments please on

1. any preferences about who you would prefer to share with.
2. Suggestions about when the hotel should be booked - who volunteers to do the booking?

The standard (twin) rooms can be booked for a Best Unrestricted Rate of £55 per room per night. Cancellation up to 6pm on the day of arrival. Breakfast not included.

Or 2 nights getaway for £62 per room - breakfast included. Same cancellation rules apply.

Please note I shall be in France, out of Internet reach from early September to the first week in October.

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